Here is a visual overview of the key Retrace features, full details can be found below.


In addition to the features listed above, Retrace also contains a wealth of additional functionality. We are always updating the app based on your feedback and this list will frequently change.

Calorie Tracking

Retrace has built-in support for 10 primary activities. Retrace differentiates between the parts of your track where you are working hard (e.g., riding fast) and when you are taking it easy (e.g., during that mid-ride espresso).

Grid Units

Several different grid unit systems are supported including:

  • UTM
  • DD
  • DMS
  • UK Grid Ref
  • MGRS

Speed, Distance, and
Elevation Units

Units can be customized based on your preference:

  • Metric (km/h)
  • Imperial (mi/h)
  • Nautical (knots)

No-Data Option

This option ensures that Retrace does not access the network (e.g., to access maps). This can be helpful if you are on a trip where you do not want to incur data charges. [Not in the Android product yet]

Keep Awake

If you want to use Retrace in a car or on you bike handlebars, it can be helpful to keep the device screen awake. Even with this option enabled, you can swipe the app into the background and the screen will once again sleep as before. [Not in the Android product yet]

Export options

You own your data and can export your tracks in a variety of formats:

  • Strava
  • GPX (supported by Endomondo and Runtracker)


Retrace has been carefully designed to look great on all phones.


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iOS App Store

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